About Us

“Phasis” - was a mythological river (modern name “Rioni”) that Jason and the Argonauts took to reach the Golden Fleece. It has since been associated with the long-standing cultural and commercial links between Georgia and Western Europe. Inspired by the reforms carried out during last decade in Georgia, the group of independent businessmen, with own capital, decided to study the possibility of construction of a modern oil refinery by 21st. Century technology.
“Phasis Group” is an entity, which cares deeply about the preservation of those links. It aims to bring science, business, and technology under one umbrella in order to solve major problems faced by Southern Caucasus countries, and namely Georgia. The first one is to improve environmental pollution linked to bad quality petrol and other oil-related products; the second is to help Georgia transition from a 100% importer status to that of an exporting country, thus gaining valuable energy independence from its neighboring countries.


A close study of the industry shows that establishments in the crude oil refinery industry experienced volatile conditions over the last five years.
Rising crude oil prices powered revenue growth as refiners have passed costs down the distribution line. Over the last five years, profit has steadily recovered in line with improving demand, while low domestic oil prices further bolstered margins. Going forward, profit
is expected to rise marginally, though it remains below historic levels.

Competitive Advantages

The following are our competitive advantages:
• Unique service offering
• Reliability
• Effectiveness
• Price
• Adequate equipment
• Better value to customers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

We are going to build long term relationships with our clients and constantly delivering them with the best experience. We will build defenses against the competition. The longer our relationships stand, the more we help our customers find pleasure and delight in working with us.

Targeted Market

Target markets – Oil products for the following states of Georgia, Armenia, turkey, Ukraine:
Cars cum automobile owners
Generators cum plant owners
Corporate organization
Households who make use of petroleum products

When it comes to retailing petroleum products, there is indeed a wide range of available customers. In essence, our target market can’t be restricted to just a group of people, but all those who make use of any of the following gasoline, kerosene, distillate fuel oil (diesel fuel), aviation fuel, residual fuel oil, lubricant, aliphatic and aromatic chemicals, diesel fuel oil, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gases, residual fuel oil, other refined petroleum products..

Market Opportunity

Georgia might not have its own natural oil reserves, but its geographical location, between oil producing Azerbaijan on the East, and the Black Sea on the West, made it an early player in the international oil trade.
The concept of the oil refinery developed by Phasis Oil Group, relies on historical roots and on cutting edge technologies is a gamechanger in the Southern Caucasus region's energy field. Relying, it aims to develop an ecologically friendly refinery which will enable Georgia to achieve European standards, improve its ecological footprint and reduce its energy dependence on foreign imports.

Business Model

The business model is developed from the understanding that there is a need for an investor to invest in the pre-construction costs for building an light crude oil refinery company of Kulevi, to refine oils for the use of the populace.
The business model is to leverage the Oil refinery Industry, the consultation and innovative nature of PHASIS INVEST LLC will turn the table to its favor and take-in significant revenue. The revenue stream will be mainly from our operation in the oil refinery services.


The management of the company is seeking to raise up to $10,000,000.00 US Dollar from investors at the www.crowdfunder.com - Equity Crowdfunding Platform.
The company’s first goal/round will be $4.0 Million US Dollar.
The terms, dividend payouts, and aspects of the deal are to be determined at the PPM Private Placement Memorandum.

This business plan assumes that an investor will receive up to 20% of the Company’s stock, a regular stream of dividends.

Dear Investor

We would like to inform you for our refinery plant a schedule for the next 3 to 5 months.
First of all we need 10 Mio US$ for our first steps. We intend to found a “Phasis Oil Ltd.” in Switzerland in order to act and work under the Swiss law.

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