Final dividends are paid once a year, with reference to the company’s annual accounts.


A company’s articles of association typically provide that the directors may make a recommendation as to the amount of any final dividend, which is then approved (or ‘declared’) by the shareholders.

The shareholders may approve the directors’ recommendation by passing a written resolution or at a general meeting. They may decide that a lower dividend should be paid, but they cannot declare a dividend that is higher than the amount recommended by the directors.

Once a dividend has been declared by the shareholders, the company is obliged to pay it, either immediately or (if the shareholders’ resolution so provides) on a future date as stated in the resolution.

Therefore, we offer the following amount of dividends to the investors over the three year term:

• Dividends for year 1: $600,000.00 US Dollar
• Dividends for year 2: $700,000.00 US Dollar
• Dividends for year 3: $800,000.00 US Dollar,


but only if we raise the full amount of $10,000,000 US Dollar.

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