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As early as the 1880s, the Alphonso De Rothschild had invested heavily in rail and tunnels to overcome the transport difficulties of getting oil from Baku to the Black Sea and from there to overseas markets. However, shipping still posed a problem as the oil was carried in barrels which could leak and took up a lot of space in the hold.


On August 22, 1892, the Marcus Samuel Jr and his brother Sam, founders of the "Shell Transport and Trading Company", commissioned the construction of the oil tanker "Murex-1”, loaded it in Batumi and first time in history delivered kerosene to Thailand through the Suez Canal.


That historic voyage helped drive a revolution in global trade. Firstly, because transporting oil in large tanks, rather than in thousands of barrels, made fuel more affordable. Secondly, because it ended the supremacy of Rockefeller’s dominant “Standard Oil” in Asia, thus paving the way to the emergence of one of the major companies known today as the “Royal Dutch Shell”.


In 1906, another historical event happened, when brothers Ludvig, Robert and Alfred Nobel, built first 835 km length kerosene pipeline from Baku to Batumi and reach capacity of 900 000 tons per year. It was the very first such a long pipeline which became the base for future development of oil transportation industry. In modern history, on 17 April 1999, the inauguration ceremony of new, 833 km and 23100m3/d BP pipeline, Baku-Supsa Oil Terminal took place.


Team strongly believes that once completed, the Refinery will help Georgia to overcome the 21st century challenges.

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